Help Booking

When a booking/reservation is made using the “Book a tour” button under above, the following process will happen:

  1.  You will be asked to select the type of tour you wish to do. Then you will select a date, and time for the tour that works best for you.
  2. The program will tell you in real time the spots available on that tour. You can decide to select that tour time, or move to another.
  3. Once you have selected a time that works, you will be required to enter contact information and check that you have read and agree to the release in liability agreement.
  4. The system will ask for a credit/debit card to secure payment.


– After the booking process is completed

1)   You and all participants whose e-mail addresses you have entered will be sent e-mail confirmations.

2)  You (the paying customer) will be called by the phone number you have provided. If unavailable for voice mail, a text message will be sent instead.If the wrong or non working phone number is entered, an e-mail will be sent.

a) You will be provided information to which one of three designated parking areas to park  at and instructions of what to look for(example: Park at the Gerald R. Ford Museum parking lot, walk in the south-west section of the park near the Pearl Street bridge and look for the white trailer with the Grand River Kayak and Canoe branding on it.).

*If you are staying at a hotel in the immediate walking vicinity, please volunteer this information.You will be asked to walk to Ah Nab Awen park.

b) You will be met to be picked up by specified transportation from alternate parking areas and taken to , or  at Ah Nab Awen park. 2) You will meet a man (or crew) with equipment that will assist you in launching. You and your group will be asked if you would like a short paddle seminar.You and your group will also be shown pictures of what to look for downriver to know where to dock downriver.

3) You will be launched and the self guided downriver will last approximately 2-2 1/2  hours.

4) A man or crew will be waiting to take care of equipment and guide you to transportation, a van or bus, back to your car at an alternate parking area or Ah Nab Awen park.

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