• $20 per person: (1)Kayak or 1 seat in a 2 seat Canoe (we provide life jackets, paddles, and transport). Millennium Run is the only tour we are doing at this time. If you would like to schedule and pay for the entire group, please press the blue “Book Now” button. If you would like to organize a group together using social media, e-mails to collectively decide and then pay individually, please press the yellow “Book Socially” button.

$20:    Transportation.Please send an e-mail or call 616-528-4077 to make arrangements.

     To schedule a kayak tour, click the following:

*Please Note: Each kayak is rated for a maximum weight of 260 lbs.

 To schedule a canoe tour, click the following:*Please Note: Each canoe is rated for a maximum weight of 700 lbs.

5 Responses to Pricing

  1. Leanette Bailey-Tanner says:

    Hey Mat ~ sounds like your new business is getting a decent heads up. Perhaps we may look into this adventure before summers end 🙂

  2. Kevin C. says:

    Would like to know if you have are open today, Sunday, 7/22/12 and if so, do you have any canoes or kayaks available? How long do the trips take? Which route would you recommend?

    • mattclouse says:

      We are open Sundays this summer and will have Kayaks shortly. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. The comments were directed to the wrong e-mail address.

  3. Dear Manager,

    I am writing because my son’s school, NorthPointe Christian School, is gearing up for their Annual Tuition Assistance Auction which will be held on March 15. One of the ways we raise money is by getting donations from businesses and I would love to be able to offer a a kayak or canoe tour from Grand River Kayak & Canoe at this event. Is this something you would consider? Those who donate are listed in our auction booklet and their donations are displayed at the event. We can even set out business cards or flyers near your item.

    If this is something you would be interested in doing, I would love to hear form you. :0) All donations are tax deductible and I would love to send you a letter that will give you more information about the auction and our school.

    Thank you so much for considering a donation!

    Michelle Espinoza
    Silent Auction Co-Coordinator
    (616) 540-4725

    • mattclouse says:

      Hello Michelle,
      We do donate to non for profit organizations, and we like the idea of offering packages for auction.
      The booking engine allows me as manager to produce unique promotion codes for a package. This package would be donated, but the highest bidder would still have the convenience of choosing a date, type and time of tour they would like.
      I am looking to donate to many auctions. If you know of other auctions, please let me know.
      Matt Clouse
      MGM GRKandC

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