Terms and Conditions

All openings to participate on a tour are booked based on availability.

All customers must select the type of tour, date and time, provide necessary contact and identification information and agree to the release in liability agreement.

Only after the above is completed will the customer provide a credit/debit card for the method of payment.

No refunds. All reservations can be canceled and rescheduled upon notification.

Release in liability agreement:

I hereby agree to rent the above checked equipment described herein at the rate shown. I further agree to return said equipment in the same condition as when rented. I further agree to pay all equipment broken or lost or any damages done whatsoever to the rental equipment. I rent this kayak/canoe entirely at my own risk and assume all responsibilities for all performance if they are under lease to me according to Michigan boat livery safety rules. I agreed to put no other person aboard except those who have rented this equipment nor will I bring any equipment that will exceed the maximum weight load of the kayak/canoe. Any and all claims arising as a result of incidents involving said rented equipment are the sole responsibility of the undersigned during the rental period and the renter will hold rendered Grand River Kayak and Canoe LLC free and harmless of any actions or lawsuits. Any and all damage will be paid for immediately upon returning said equipment or lost equipment to Grand River Kayak and Canoe LLC and related entities and owners. After kayak/canoe is found, a reckless handling fee will be assessed up to and including $500 plus costs of repairs and/or recovery. We reserve the right to assess a late fee of $50. Damage fees: Kayak repair-$100, life jacket-$20, Kayak non-repair -$200, cell phone drive box-$10,Canoe repair-$100,boat anchor non repair-$30, Canoe non-repair-$500.

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